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About La Londe Electric

Signature La Londe – Straight Up – Safe – Reliable

Established in 2007, La Londe Electric started as a different kind of electrical company. We focussed on building a great team and providing reliable services. This focus has allowed us to create an atmosphere of professionalism and excellence, which benefits our employees and customers.

Every client gets “Signature La Londe” service, which guarantees we will operate from a standardized process to assure quality control and excellent project management. We have a “know before we go” policy, ensuring that we have all of the information necessary to formulate a plan before we step foot on your construction site. We keep meticulous records to know precisely what has been completed, with no step left undone.

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Our Philosophy

A business built on relationships

La Londe Electric is a woman-owned company founded on the notion that both our employees and our customers are an essential part of our community. You are not a work order number or a cog in the corporate machine here. Instead, we focus on building solid relationships with every person we come across.

Because we work to empower one another, our team is able to learn from each other and grow both as people and professionals because of the knowledge we all share. This philosophy benefits our customers in the long run, as our staff takes great pride in their work and in serving the community. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and care about the quality of work performed.

La Londe Electric logo sparky mascot

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